Friday 16 August

  • 8pm « From Bach to Brésil » with Antônio Meneses, Cello solo. BOX OFFICE


Saturday 17 August


Sunday 18 August

  • 10.30am Catholic mass with excerpts from Martín Palmeri´s Misatango. Eglise de Megève
  • 12.30pm Meet argentine composer Martín Palmeri.
  • 15h Evita (1996). Alan Parker´s mucisial on Argentine singer and politician Maria Eva Duarte de Péron featuring Madonna. Cinéma Panoramic.


Monday 19 August

  • 3pm Fausta – La teta asustada (2009). 20th anniversary of Claudia Llosa´s moving movie on a musically gifted woman in Peru. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 8pm Concert with Renaud Capuçon (violin) and David Fray (piano). BOX OFFICE


Wednesday 21 August

  • 12.30pm Meet Nathalie Lanoë, Director of the Académie de piano de Megève.
  • 3pm Black Orpheus (1959). 60th anniversary of Marcel Camus´s musical which set the ancient Greek myth into today´s Rio de Janeiro during carnaval. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 8pm Concert Villa-Lobos/Piazzolla/Paredes feat. the professeurs of the Académie. Palais de Megève. INFO


Thursday 22 August

  • 12.30pm Meet Mexican composer Hilda Paredes.3
  • 3pm La Noche de los Mayas (1939). 80th anniversary of a Mexican documentary by Chano Urueta known for ist famous music by Silvestre Revueltas. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 7pm Concert introduction by André Piguet. Palais de Megève
  • 8pm Concert on Claude Debussy´s birthday. BOX OFFICE


Friday 23 August

  • 12.30pm Meet Irvine Arditti, founder and first violin of the Arditti Quartet
  • 3pm Buena Vista Social Club (1999). 30th anniversary already of Wim Wenders´documentary on a band of famous Cuban musicians. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 8pm Latin Swing with the Big Up Band. Palais de Megève. BOX OFFICE


Saturday, 24 August

  • 12.30 Meet prof Charles Méla
  • 4pm Académie de Megève chamber music student recital. Auditorium du Palais de Megève.
  • 7.30pm Concert introduction with André Piguet.
  • 8.30pm Concert with the Menuhin Academy Soloists. Eglise de Megève. BOX OFFICE


Sunday, 25 August

  • 12.30pm Meet Raymond Chevallay, president of the Society Savoy – Argentine
  • 3pm El Sistema (2008). A documentary Paul Smaczny & Maria Stodtmeier Venezuela´s unique music education system. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 6pm Concert introduction at the restaurant Dandy (Plan d´eau de Combloux)
  • 7pm Concert « Serenata Española » with Xavier de Maistre and Lucero Tena. Plan d´eau de Combloux. BOX OFFICE


Wednesday, 28 August

  • 12.30pm Meet composer and bass clarinet player Michael Riessler
  • 3pm The other conquest (2000) A film by Salavador Carrasco produced by Plácido Domingo. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 8pm. La Conquête du Mexique. Artaud, Rihm & Jazz. Palais de Megève. BOX OFFICE.


Thursday, 29 August

  • 12.30pm Meet Irina de Baghy & Miriam Alexandra, sopranos
  • 3pm Lola Mora (1996). A film by Javier Torre on Argentine artist and activist Dolores Mora Vega. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 7pm Concert introduction with André Piguet. Palais de Megève
  • 8pm “Consuelo”. An evening around George Sand, Clara Schumann and Pauline Viardot. Palais de Megève. BOX OFFICE


Friday, 30 August

  • 12.30pm Meet…
  • 3pm Tango (1998). A film by Carlos Saura. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 7pm Concert introduction with André Piguet. Palais de Megève
  • 8pm TANGO night out with Piazzolla, dance lesson and more. Palais de Megève. BOX OFFICE


Saturday, 31 August

  • 12.30pm Meet the German composor and pianiste Kai Schumacher
  • 3pm Neruda (2016). A movie by Pablo Larrain on the Chilean poet and politician Pablo Neruda. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 8pm Concert with live painting around Chile´s revolutionary song El pueblo unido. Palais de Megève. BOX OFFICE


Dimanche, 1 septembre

  • 12.30 Meet…
  • 3pm Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972). A movie by Werner Herzog. Cinéma Panoramic
  • 6pm Reading of “Rouge Brazil” and other “travel litterature” embedded in jazz. Palais de Megève. BOX OFFICE


The Megève Festival´s first Winter tour (February 14-22, 2019) set the theme Latin America of the 2nd Summer festival edition from August 16 through September 1st, 2019 with performances, concerts and shows presenting international stars meeting the cultural truffles of the Savoy region in an exciting and entertaining way.